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Audiovox Ships XM Flash-Upgradeable Car Solution

Washington — XM Satellite Radio today introduced the Audiovox XM Direct2, the industry’s first programmable universal adapter for more than 100 car stereos on the market.

The XM Direct 2 is a dealer-installed adapter for satellite-ready car stereos, which can be programmed to work with head unit models from brands including Alpine, Clarion, Eclipse, Jensen, JVC, Kenwood, Panasonic, Pioneer and Sony, without the need for a smart cable (as required by the original XM Direct adapter).

Because it is programmable, it can be updated to work with new car stereos as they become available, said XM.

To program the Direct2, the installer attaches it to a PC running Audiovox software and downloads programming for a specific radio to a USB flash-programmable memory chip in the Direct2. The installer then adds a harness.

The unit comes with an XM MiniTuner — a portable subscription that can be shuttled to a home or portable device — and a universal adapter kit and cable.

The XM Direct2 has just begun shipping at full kit suggested retail of $129.