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Audiovox Ships Portable DVD With FLO TV

Hauppauge, N.Y. –
Audiovox has shipped what it describes as the industry’s first portable DVD
player equipped with



It became
available in select Best Buy stores.

 Audiovox’s DFL 710 portable DVD player with
FLO TV retails for $199, including a limited-time offer of three free months of
FLO TV subscription service. To get three months of free service, customers must
activate service by Oct. 16. After the three months are up, the consumer’s
subscription renews at the then-current monthly rate, which right now is $14.99
per month. Lower promotional rates might be available at renewal time, however.

In mid-June,
Audiovox Electronics president Tom Malone


that the $199 device would ship in mid-July to support a couple of
key retailers and that distribution would expand as demand warranted.

 The device features built-in rechargeable
battery, stereo speakers and a 7-inch diagonal 16:9 screen to view DVDs as well
as simulcast and time-shifted TV programs broadcast by FLO TV. Channels include
Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, live sports, CNN Mobile and FOX News Channel.


is almost nationwide.

The portable DVD
joins other FLO-equipped products from Audiovox, including the Audiovox-brand
FLO TV car kit, which adds FLO TV tuner and controls to previously installed
in-car video systems. It retails for $599 with installation, excluding
subscription service.

Audiovox also
offers an Advent-branded expediter version installed by car dealers at $899 to
$999, including installation and a year of subscription service.

FLO TV has been
shipping its own handheld tablet-style FLO TV portable since late 2009.