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Audiovox said It Has ‘Turned Corner’

New York
– At a Wall Street conference today Audiovox said it
believes it has turned the corner to profitability after losses last year due
to the recession. It also said it is improving its position in automotive OEM
sales, in high-end RCA remote controls and in emerging categories like Internet
radios and live TV devices for the car.

During last year’s first fiscal quarter, Audiovox said it lost
$7.8 million dollars in operating income where in this year’s first quarter,
“We had a small profit of $232,000,” said Pat Lavelle, Audiovox president and
CEO, adding, “We believe we have turned the corner.  We believe that we have dealt with the lower
sales and the impact of the economy. We believe our overhead is in line with
the sales we are doing now, and we’ve positioned the company for

Audiovox claimed it has held the No. 1 market share position in
mobile video for the past seven years and is ranked in the top five slots in
clock radios, digital voice recorders and camcorders, and in the leading
position in remote controls and reception (including antennae).

The company said it is ranked sixth in MP3 players according to
the NPD Group. Audiovox sells in excess of 1.5 million MP3 players through Walmart,
said Lavelle. 

Audiovox also recently entered the Internet radio market. Lavelle
said, “We believe Internet radio is going to be the format of choice for radio
listening. Today 54 million people a week listen to Internet Radio on their
laptops … we’re moving it off the laptop.”

The company said 10 percent of its sales over the past three years
have been in automotive OEM sales and “with some of the new products coming, I
expect to see that grow,” Lavelle said, noting that Audiovox launched last
month a program to provide backseat TV systems for Porsche.

Lavelle expects 10 million cars will be sold this year, compared
with 17 million at the peak of auto sales.

Audiovox is also expanding its presence in Europe
and said overseas sales now account for 10 percent of sales, expected to
increase as a percentage in the future.

Highlight products for the future include high-end remotes under
the Xsight line and a FLO TV receiver that delivers 20 channels of live TV to
the car as well as an overhead car monitor with a built-in Sony PlayStation.

Audiovox said it sells through retailers including Best Buy,
Walmart, Costco, Target, RadioShack, Sam’s Club, Office Depot and Sears.