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Audiovox Readies Wireless Charging For Vehicles

LAS VEGAS — Audiovox Electronics will bring wireless charging to the car this summer, while Voxx Accessories is teaming with Roku for an integrated digital TV antenna.

At Voxx International’s International CES press conference, Audiovox Electronics president Tom Malone said it was readying a device that uses Qi wireless charging. Features will include a universal quick-clamp and release cradle, capacitive sensing to activate charging, LED indicator and a 12-volt adapter. The target suggested retail will be less than $70 plus a choice of mounting systems. Four color options will be offered.

“We see wireless charging moving into the OE space … [it] is going to be one of those categories that’s going to fuel the growth of the mobile electronics industry,” said Malone.

Audiovox is also readying Siri-enabled OE-style head units for its Advent brand. The feature will be available across the entire Advent line, and is designed to replace lower-function OE radios with a high-function system that retains the dashboard look, said Malone.

The company’s Car Connection telematics program has been expanded with the launch of Car Connection Pro for the 12-volt retailer. This version feature remote-start and door-unlock capabilities, which Malone called “a natural progression.”

“It is a huge upgrade capability for that entire base of mobile electronics installers — it opens up a whole new world for them. Everyone wants to do everything with their smartphone, and you can now do literally everything with your smartphone with Car Connection Pro,” he said.

During the press conference, Voxx Accessories senior VP Ian Geise said the company is teaming with Roku to develop an integrated digital TV antenna that will allow consumers to receive over-the-air local HD broadcasts as well as stream entertainment from the Roku platform.

Voxx will introduce the new digital antenna with Roku streaming in the fourth quarter of 2013 under the RCA and Terk brands.

“TV watching habits are changing, with more and more consumers getting their entertainment from over-the-top sources, like Netflix and Hulu. Consumers are also realizing in growing numbers that over-the-air digital TV gives them the best picture and the most options for programming,” said David Geise, president of Voxx Accessories, in a statement.

“Roku is the leading provider and innovator in streaming, with a line of award-winning products. We are the market leader in over-the-air digital TV reception,” Geise continued. “We believe the marriage of the two will create an exciting product for consumers who are looking for an innovative way to receive their TV entertainment.”

Voxx Accessories and Audiovox Electronics are both wholly owned subsidiaries of Voxx International.