Audiovox Pushes Back FLO TV To Q4


New York - Audiovox and FLO TV announced a slight delay in plans to bring the FLO TV live TV product to the car.

The product will now be available in the fourth quarter under the Audiovox Advent brand.

Audiovox had previously said the FLO TV Auto Entertainment tuner/antenna system that works with an existing TV monitor in the car would ship in October. The service delivers 20 channels of live TV to a moving automobile, at a lower price than many current live TV services for the car.

First shown at International CES in January, the FLO TV system is expected to sell in the $599 to $699 range, including installation, although car dealers may bundle the system in packages at various prices. Audiovox and FLO TV, a subsidiary of Qualcomm, also today announced that service for the car system will be free for the first year with annual plans starting at a promotional rate of $119 per year thereafter or $299 for three years, which amounts to less than $9 per month.


"We believe our FLO TV offering is head and shoulders above any other mobile TV system, from the reception quality and breadth of FLO TV programming content to the unobtrusive antenna that literally fits in the palm of your hand," said Audiovox Electronics president Tom Malone.

Audiovox will be a supplier of the FLO TV Auto Entertainment system and will sell the system through Audiovox's expeditor network that targets more than 12,000 new car dealers in 85 markets nationwide.

Audiovox will also market the product to car stereo and CE retailers approximately three months after the initial launch, the company has stated.

The FLO TV system is compatible with all vehicle makes and models and may be added to any car video monitor up to 10.5 inches. There are approximately 23 million vehicles in the U.S. equipped with existing car TV monitors that can work with FLO TV, Audiovox said.


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