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Audiovox Launches Vehicle Security, Remote-Start Systems

Orlando – Audiovox
has begun shipping its redesigned Pursuit series of vehicle security and
remote-start systems and an Advent-brand installed Bluetooth hands-free kit designed
with a Toyota OEM look, the company is announcing here at the NADA (National
Automobile Dealer Association) show.

The company is
also unveiling a system that improves the security of vehicles stored in
dealers’ lots.

In the new 11-SKU
Pursuit series, the company developed a family look to the entire line as well
as a new transmitter design that’s more OEM-like. Other new features include:

  • a Telematics data
    port to plug in the new PursuiTrak (PROPT20) GPS Tracking System, which unlike
    its predecessor is available with a prepaid plan;

  • a dual-stage
    impact sensor with city mode that “virtually eliminates false triggering;” and
  • a horn-honk
    output to eliminate the need to install a siren. If a siren is not installed,
    the new systems feature a built-in noisemaker that differentiates a panic alert
    from a horn-honk break-in alert.

The new Pursuit
series also features uniform wiring and programming and a DBI port enabling
“plug-in” connections of the company’s FlashLogic transponder and door-lock
interface modules to reduce installation time.

The series
includes basic alarms as well as systems with two-way remotes, security, remote
start and keyless entry.

The Advent
Bluetooth hands-free kit for Toyotas features an in-dash Toyota-style switch
that connects to a universal Bluetooth module, which in turn connects to the
factory sound system. Factory-look Bluetooth switches are also available for use
with the universal module for Mazda, Mitsubishi and Nissan vehicles.

 Advent also offers two Bluetooth systems with
a universal switch. One system’s switch mounts on the windshield pillar post,
and the other system’s round switch can be installed in place of the cigarette

 All of the Advent kits feature full-duplex digital
signal processing, the ability to connect to up to three different phones, and
Bluetooth voice dialing when used with compatible phones.

In another
announcement, Audiovox said it developed a new security system that lets
high-volume car dealers preload their vehicles with alarm systems. Once
installed, the new PROPLM system can be programmed after a sale to operate as a
keyless-entry system or as a full-fledged alarm system. Before a sale, the
system can be programmed to protect the cars on the lot while also making it
easy for salespeople to demo the vehicles.

The PROPLM system
is designed for use with a dealer’s PC-connected authentication control module
(ACM), which salespeople use daily to authenticate a single keypad-equipped remote
transmitter that is assigned to them. Authentication enables each salesperson
to keep a single remote that will disarm any vehicle on the lot, but only
during specific hours and only for the specific vehicle that a salesperson
plans to demonstrate. The salesperson chooses a specific vehicle to disarm by
entering the vehicle’s stock number on the transmitter’s keypad.

If the remote is
lost or stolen, the remote’s ID is deleted from the ACM system to prevent
unauthorized use.

The ACM system
provides greater security than other “lot mode” systems in dealerships using “short-range”
remotes that operate all of the installed security systems in cars on the lot,
Audiovox said. If the remote is lost or stolen, dealers might have to recode
each security system in each car on the lot, the company explained.