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Audiovox Launches Factory Look-Alike Car Stereos

New York — Audiovox will offer a new type of autosound product for expediters in the form of OE replacement radios that resemble the factory radios they replace.

In the next 60 days, Audiovox will be among the first to supply the replacement look-alike radios, which improve on the original radio by adding current features such as Bluetooth, navigation, satellite radio, USB and SD card reader. Until now, most aftermarket radios carried their own signature designs rather than seeking to resemble OEM radios.

The first Audiovox look-alike model will work with Toyota Camrys, followed by radios for Chrysler, General Motors and other Toyota vehicles, said Audiovox Electronics president Tom Malone.

The first Camry replacement will carry a suggested price of $1,599 for a double-DIN model with 7-inch screen, XM capability, Bluetooth, USB, SD card reader and dual-zone capability.

The radios, under the SPS line, will connect to the car’s bus system when necessary to maintain any safety features, such as seat-belt chimes, he said.

In other news, Audiovox has also made a number of introductions under its Acoustic Research brand including


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wireless 5.1 home theater system