Audiovox, Jensen, Advent Roll Out 12-Volt Products

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Las Vegas - Voxx is coming to International CES with new 12-volt products under the Audiovox, Jensen and Advent brands.

With the launches, the company is adding such new features to Jensen multimedia head units as control of a Pandora Internet radio app on a USB-connected iPhone, and it is stepping up the performance of Audiovox-branded headrests by adding high-definition high-contrast LED-backlit LCD monitors in a smaller footprint.

 Voxx is also:

--expanding the options in Advent-branded mobile video from overhead and headrest solutions to include seatback solutions;

--expanding its Advent-branded OEM-fit multimedia/navigation head units to include models designed specifically for the 2012 Toyota Camry, three 2012 Mazdas, the 2012 Subaru Forester and for 2012 Jeep/Chrysler/Dodge vehicles; all will be the first OEM-fit systems with control of a Pandora app on a USB-connected iPhone; and

-- launching four Audiovox-brand portable DVD players with quick-connect/disconnect headrest mounting options.

Here are the details:

Advent OEM-Style multimedia/nav heads:

The brand is expanding its selection of OE-styled touchscreen multimedia/navigations systems with the launch of systems for the 2012 versions of the Toyota Camry, Mazda 3, Mazda 6, Mazda CX-7 and Subaru Forester. All will be the brand's first with control of a Pandora app on a USB-connected iPhone. Like previous models, they feature stereo Bluetooth.

The Camry system is the only 2012 Camry application on the market, the company said.

The new systems join 14 previously available OE-style systems.

All systems, targeted to the expediter market, let new car buyers upgrade to a multimedia/navigation system without having to purchase other options as part of a package or step up to a higher trim level.

The systems include Navteq U.S./Canada maps with 11 million points of interest and 3D landmarks as well as turn-by-turn voice guidance in 13 languages with spoken street names in English, French and Spanish. The navigation system can also display 19 languages on screen.

The systems feature built-in Parrot Bluetooth with included external Parrot microphone and such call-management features as caller ID and push-to-talk voice dialing from the steering wheel controls, if supported by the phone.

The systems also connect to an optional XMDirect2 satellite-radio tuner, feature rear-view camera with "instant-on" technology, and have vehicle-specific interface modules to stream iPod/iPhone video to the display.

Advent seat-back video:

The expediter brand has offered a seatback video solution for Mercedes vehicles with factory-installed, active-headrest restraint systems, and now the company is launching a full line of systems for 139 vehicle applications to cover almost all active-headrest vehicles.

The solutions, available at a suggested $1,549, comply with federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and ensure seamless integration into the interiors of specific vehicles and their electrical systems.

Jensen multimedia-navigation heads:

The value-focused brand adds additional connectivity and a new user interface in a bid to take the brand in a new direction, the company said.

The five new models being introduced add easier-to-use user interface with animation, RGB backlighting and, in three of the models, Pandora Internet radio on a USB-connected iPhone.

In the models, Bluetooth has been upgraded to use Parrot's Bluetooth technology.

Other features include iGo Primo navigation software featuring lane assist, Teleatlas U.S./Canada maps with 3D landmarks, upgradeable built-in Parrot Bluetooth with included external microphone, stereo Bluetooth streaming, call management with caller ID, and push-to-talk voice dialing from a car's steering wheel controls if the phone supports voice control.

All models also feature iPod/iPhone USB.

The three models with Pandora control are the top-end VM9725BT and the VM9225BT and VM9215BT, all of which are SiriusXM-ready to so that an optional SiriusXM vehicle-connect tuner can be added.

The VM9725B, due in the spring at a suggested $649, also features 6.2-inch touchscreen, optional rear-view camera with Instant-On technology, and a  MediaLink interface module that delivers iPod/iPhone video via a 3.5mm video output with optional cable.

The model will feature turn-by-turn voice guidance in 13 languages and spoken street names in English, French and Spanish. The system can also display 19 languages on screen.

Audiovox mobile video:

The HR7012 series of display-equipped headrests adds such step-up features as LED-backlit monitors with 800 by 480 resolution, 100-channel FM-band wireless transmitter instead of 16-channel transmitter, and a doubling of 32-bit dual-player games to 50.

The new model features dual 7-inch screens and ability to accommodate a wider variety of vehicles thanks to a thinner footprint. The new screens also let users tilt the panels for optimum viewing angles. In another change, the company loaded the games into a separate plug-in module to give dealers a step up option, which will include two wireless game controllers.

They will be priced lower than the models they replace. Prices were unavailable.

Other features include USB input with charging, user-accessible A/V input, headphone output, dual-channel IR fold-flat headphones,  junction box with aux A/V input and FM output for hardwiring an FM modulator, and two wireless remotes.

Audiovox DVD mounting systems:

Quick connect/disconnect headrest mounting solutions for four portable DVD players are designed to offer a professionally installed look while keeping a portable DVD player portable.

 "Portable DVD players have always been part of the competition to installed automotive rear-seat entertainment, but they have had limitations," said Audiovox Electronics president Tom Malone. The mounts work in most vehicle interiors, including those with dramatic headrest shapes, eliminating the need for straps and offering a variety of adjustable tilt angles so that the DVD screen is always at the correct viewing angle, he said.

Three have just shipped, and one is due in the spring.

The $249-suggested D9121ESK, due in the spring, is a dual-screen 9-inch portable DVD player with internal rechargeable lithium-polymer battery with two-hour playback, remote control, built-in speakers, AC adapter, DC car adapter, DVD/CD/JPEG-disc playback, zippered carry bag and two ear bud headphones.

The $179-suggested D7121ESK is a dual-screen 7-inch portable DVD system with the same features.

The $159 DS9521PK is a 9-inch swivel-screen portable DVD player that comes with 270-degree swivel screen, internal rechargeable lithium-polymer battery with two-hour playback time, USB/SD card playback (MP3/JPEG), remote control, built-in speakers, AC adapter, DC car adapter, disc playback of DVD/CD/JPEG, zippered carry bag and two folding headphones.

The $129 DS7521PK is a 7-inch swivel-screen portable with the same features as the 9-inch model.


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