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Audiovox Expands Remote Start, Headrest Program

LAS VEGAS — Audiovox Electronics is launch a slew of new mobile products at International CES, including its latest remotestart and vehicle security models in the Professional series.

The CA5153SST one-way remote starter and vehicle security system has a 1-mile range and comes with two four-button remotes. Features include automatic transmitter verification, 125 dB battery backup siren with three-stage infrasonic shock sensor, digital tilt sensor, real panic sound, onboard starter interrupt relay, glass-mount antenna with built-in blue LED light and valet switch, flashing parking lights and four auxiliary outputs.

It will ship this month for a $359 suggested retail.

Audiovox, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Voxx International, is also launching the Procomp model, which features a two-way, 900MHz 1-mile range using an OLED fivebutton transmitter display. There is also a sixbutton one-way transmitter. It carries many of the same features as the same features as the CA5153SST. This model is also scheduled to ship this month; suggested retail will be $799.

Audiovox will also announce at the show that it’s expanding its FlashLogic products with the introduction of FLSTART for select Mercedes and BMW vehicles (2005-2012). It uses the factory key fob and vehicle-specific wiring harness for quick and simple installation and will not affect the vehicle warranty, Audiovox said. When used in combination with CarLink, users can reportedly start and control their cars from miles away.

The systems will be available this month.

Also being added to its FlashLogic program are six stand-alone remote-start systems with plug-in vehicle wiring harnesses. These will turn the factory keyless entry system on select vehicles into full remote-start systems without having to add an additional aftermarket remote start, Audiovox said.

Transmitter upgrade packages will include one model with two-way LCD confirmation and one model that will increase the operating range of the FLCAN system to more than 1,500 feet. The systems include the FLRSFO1 for Ford vehicles, FLRSCH4 and FLRSCH4 for Chrysler vehicles, FLRSGM2, FLRSGM7 and FLRSGM10 for GM vehicles. All have $249 suggested retails and can be added to the Carlink smartphone app.

Finally, Audiovox will launch a new Custom Headrest Program that includes its 7012 series and has an updated order and shipping process. The headrests have LED-backlit LCD panels with 800 by 480 resolution, wireless FM transmitter with option to hardwire for improved FM audio, and an optional plug-in Game Pack with 54 video games and two wireless controllers.

Program enhancements include more prebuilt inventory, order confirmation within 30 minutes and expanded hours.