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Audiovox Expands FlashLogic Remote-Start Program

Hauppauge, N.Y. – Audiovox Electronics expanded its FlashLogic program to more vehicles, enabling dealers to integrate aftermarket remote-start systems with the vehicles’ factory security systems.

The program lets dealers download vehicle-specific firmware for use with aftermarket remote-start systems, which can then be plugged into a vehicle’s OEM data port to integrate with the OEM security system. The program reduces dealer inventory because a single remote-start SKU can be integrated with the security systems of multiple vehicles. As a result, consumers can use their factory remote to control the aftermarket remote-start system, the spokesman said.

The new firmware includes firmware for the 2012 Toyota Camry push-to-start vehicles, making Audiovox the only company offering such an option for these vehicles, a spokesman said.

Three of the new firmware applications cover select Toyota vehicles for the first time, giving dealers an edge they didn’t have before in installing remote start systems across the Toyota product lines, the company said. They include Toyota push-to-start vehicles from the 2012 and 2013 model years, said Tom Malone, Audiovox Electronics president.

The new firmware applications also extend the program to new Fords and GM vehicles for the first time.

The FlashLogic firmware downloads work with the company’s Prestige, Pursuit, Code Alarm and Pursuitrak remote-start products.

Here’s what the six new firmware applications do:

–The DL-TL6 delivers data immobilizer and full convenience integration solution for 2012-2013 Toyota/Lexus push-to-start models including Toyota Camry, Prius C, Lexus ES and GS models.

 –The DL-TL5 is a data immobilizer-bypass and full convenience integration solution for late-model Toyota/Scion 80-bit key models, including the 2012-2013 Toyota Camry, Yaris and Prius C. –The TB-TL5 is a lower cost data immobilizer bypass solution for late model Toyota/Scion 80-bit key models. It works with the same vehicles as the DL-TL5.

 — The DL-GM10 features immobilizer bypass and full convenience integration for GM models 2006 and up. It is said to be the first complete data solution that requires no additional current draw from the vehicle and no ring required at installation.

The DL-FM5 data immobilizer bypass and full convenience integration solution is for late model Ford/Lincoln push-to-start models. Secure takeover can be performed from door handles, OEM keyless-entry transmitters, or activate from OEM keyless entry , via an add-on remote start system such as the Audiovox AS9234.

–TheTB-FM2 data immobilizer bypass solution is for Ford/Mazda standard key models from 1998 to date.