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Audiovox Enters Portable GPS

Hauppauge, N.Y. — Audiovox will enter the portable GPS market in the late fall with three new GPS models, including two that offer XM Satellite Radio reception.

In addition to an entry-level model under the Audiovox brand, the company will ship two Jensen-branded models that incorporate a slot for a new mini XM tuner (formerly called the Passport and soon to be renamed), said Audiovox.

Consumer goods group VP Ralph Etna said, “The strategy is to develop some niche products in portable navigation by incorporating XM radio reception in at least two of our models.”

The Audiovox leader model, NVX 216, will not include XM but incorporates preloaded maps at a suggested retail of $399. The top-of-the-line Jensen NVXM 1000 will offer MP3 and a built-in personal media player as well as XM and real-time traffic at $599, said the company. A midline Jensen model NVX 406 will also offer XM.