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Audiovox Developing Dyle Rear-Screen Device

Hauppauge, N.Y. — Audiovox is developing what it is promising to be the first Dyle-enabled rear-seat entertainment system.

Dyle Mobile TV technology allows consumers to watch live TV on their mobile devices. It is operated by the Mobile Content Venture (MCV), a joint venture of 12 major broadcast groups.

The Audiovox system, which is scheduled to become available in “sometime 2013,” will consist of a black box module, remote control and antennae, and will be designed to work with previously existing in-car screens, Tom Malone, Audiovox president, told TWICE. The module, while will feature built-in GPS so that it will be able to populate the screen with local programming, will be a professional-install product.   

“You’ve got millions and millions of screens in cars already that have no content other than DVD,” he said, noting that the Dyle system should also push on-the-fence consumers over the edge when it comes to purchasing a screen for their car.

“We’ve always identified that some type of live content is highly desirable to the consumer. People want what they have at home in the car. DVD is a great solution, but not everyone goes home and plugs a DVD in … We think the concept overall of broadcast TV over car makes complete sense, and it’s long overdue.”

This is not Audiovox first foray into the mobile TV category. It previously offered rear-seat entertainment systems with FLO TV technology, which, unlike Dyle, wasn’t able to transmit live, local stations. FLO turned off its service in March 2011.

Dyle, Malone said, presented “a premium version, premium brands and a good strategy for the future. With our channels and our distribution, whether it’s traditional aftermarket or through OE partners, we think the interest level is going to be very high.”