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Audiovox, Delphi, JVC Offering Portable Satellite During CES

LAS VEGAS — Here’s a look at satellite radio products expected to be unveiled at the show for the home:

Audiovox: The company’s first headphone MP3 player/live-XM portable is the $249-suggested X2G100B, which plays MP3 and protected WMA music files, receives live XM programming in portable mode and stores time-shifted XM programming. It also receives live XM broadcasts when docked with a home-or car-docking kit, each at a suggested $49.99. Internal memory stores 50 hours of time-shifted XM music.

Delphi: The SkyFi3 MP3 player/live-XM headphone portable is said to be the industry’s first MP3/satellite portable with optional removable memory card. Optional MicroSD cards are dedicated to storing MP3, WMA (protected and unprotected) and WAV files. Up to 10 hours of time-shifted XM programming, on the other hand, is stored in embedded memory. Its 30-minute pause/replay feature lets users pause a program and resume playback from embedded memory as long as playback resumes within 30 minutes of hitting the pause button. It also stores time-shifted programming that can sorted by channel, artist, song or category and played back for as long as the subscription is active.

Its internal rechargeable battery delivers 1.5 hours of live XM listening or eight hours of stored-music playback. For portable reception, optional stereo headphones with antenna embedded in the headband are available at $49. A step-up version at $99 boosts live-XM battery life to seven hours and stored-music battery life to 40 hours.

It went on sale late November at retails from $180 to $229 and it also features built-in wireless-FM transmitter for in-car playback.

JVC: The XM-ready boombox, the RD-HA3, is a variation of the high-power Kaboom box and features CD player, iPod docking, XM controls and USB host to connect music-filled USB drives and flash-memory MP3 players. Pricing was unavailable.