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Audiomobile Launches Subwoofer Series

 Las Vegas – Audiomobile, which targets 12-volt specialists, has begun shipping a trio of car subwoofers that include a model designed for both small-box sealed and vented enclosures.

 The products are the brand’s first in about a decade.

The three low-profile models in the Elite 2200 series are the 2212, 2210 and 2208 at suggested retails of $399, $329 and $279, respectively.

The 12-inch 2212, designed for flexible enclosure installs, features a mid-Q rating said to be ideal for either small vented (bass-reflex) or small sealed enclosures of less than 1 cubic foot. Mounting depth is only 5.8 inches, less than that required by many high-performance 10-inch subwoofers while offering more power handling at 600 watts RMS, the company said.

The other two models are optimized for sealed or free-air (infinite-baffle) applications.

The 8-inch Elite 2208 is just 4.25 inches deep, handles 400 watts RMS, and delivers 12.5mm of one-way linear excursion, said by the company to be on par with many high-performance 12-inch subwoofers.

Audiomobile specializes in subwoofers and targets 12-volt specialists.

The brand showed its first new products privately at 2011’s CES after it was purchased by AMG, a Nevada-based investment group that acquired rights to brand in 2010.  Development of the new products, however, took longer than planned, said Matt Overpeck, VP of sales and marketing.

The brand is focused on offering high-profit, high-technology speakers and subwoofers at high-value price points through disciplined channel management, the company said.

Audiomobile’s history goes back decades. In the 1980s, radar-detector supplier K40 bought Audiomobile but closed it down a few years later. The Audiomobile brand was revived in 2000 as an online-only, consumer-direct company, but the company closed early in the decade.