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Audiomobile Car Audio Brand Resurrected Again

Las Vegas – The high-end
Audiomobile brand will be resurrected at International CES, where the company
will show multiple automotive subwoofers targeted to upscale, boutique
specialty retailers.

The brand is positioned as a “profit
refuge” with no Internet distribution, and it’s targeted to automotive- and
audio performance-oriented consumers who value low distortion, improved
sound-quality and higher power handling but don’t have much space to sacrifice,
said Matthew Overpeck, sales and marketing VP. He described the subwoofers as
“high-value, cutting-edge” models that feature “proven driver technologies
while offering attractive, high-value price points.”

Audiomobile’s history goes back decades.
In the 1980s, radar-detector supplier K40 bought Audiomobile but closed it down
a few years later. The Audiomobile brand was revived in 2000 as an online-only,
consumer-direct company, but the company closed early in the decade. The brand
is now owned by AMG, a Nevada-based investment group that acquired rights to
brand in 2010.

 At Palms Place, the company will show what
Overpeck said are subwoofers designed to offer high performance and high power
handling in limited space at prices starting at a suggested $199.

The products feature use
neodymium and large-diameter under-hung voice coils “to deliver very high
linear excursion in a small form factor with lightweight, small

enclosure requirements, and with very shallow mounting depth,” Overpeck said. “This
makes them extremely relevant for today’s vehicles, especially  trucks, SUVs, exotics, and even

sedans or coupes where not having to surrender the utility of the trunk

is now more in vogue.”

The first products scheduled to
ship will include the Mass HD (Neo) series, Stealth series, Mass SL (ceramic
motor) Evo, Exact and the Evo-RS series, all expected to ship in late

At its exhibit, the company will
also showcase two counter-top POP displays and two prototype “halo” concept
series, the Status One series and the M-CAR series. The M-CAR subwoofer systems
were engineered to provide maximum excursion and allow the installation of 13-
or 16-inch subs in less than 0.75 cubic feet of enclosure space and a
mounting depth of only 3.4 inches, he said.

By contrast, the Status One
series is a cost-no-object series available in 12-inch and 15-inch sizes with pure
Titanium cone.  Details of both series will be released later in the first
quarter. The Status One series is “designed to push the envelope of
high-definition, super-linear low-frequency reproduction, while the

other was developed as the ultimate solutions-based system for space-challenged
applications,” Overpeck explained. 

Overpeck was sales and marketing
director at Precision Power in the 1980s and was founder of Diamond Audio’s
mobile division.

 Audiomobile can be reached at (702) 560-0821.
Dealers wanting to visit the company during CES can also email Overpeck at

[email protected]