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AudioAccess Adds 16-Zone Audio Router

Denver — Multi-room-audio brand AudioAccess, a division of Amplifier Technologies, has begun shipping its PX-800, a 16-source, 16-zone audio router, the company announced at the CEDIA Expo.

The new $2,195-suggested model adds multiple integration capabilities for control by third-party control systems, including Crestron control systems.

The device routes up to 16 sources simultaneously to 16 different zones, and it can combine zones in up to 10 separate groups or route the same program to all zones simultaneously. Each zone can have independent tone control or10-band equalization.

The PX-800 also connects to Audioaccess KPS-101 legacy keypads when it is equipped with the new CPC-800 Control Protocol Converter. A new iPad interface enables iPad control of zones when the system is used with the legacy KPS-101 keypads. Changes made via the keypads are synced with the iPad so a zone’s status is updated on the keypads and iPads.

The protocol converter was designed for use with existing AudioAccess systems whose routers might have failed or in circumstances in which a homeowner moves out, takes the existing router, but leaves the keypads, the company said. Adding a PX-800 router and the protocol converter to the legacy keypads will enable consumers in these situations to keep their existing keypads, the company said.

The converter accepts the four-wire inputs from up to six KPS keypads, reads their RS-485 signal codes, and converts those codes to RS-232 commands to control the PX-800 router’s sources, zones and levels.