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Audio Sales Dive In June, Q2, First Half

Arlington, Va. – Factory-level audio sales fell during June, the second quarter and the first half, driven down by weakness in all four major sectors of the industry, according to statistics from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA).

June’s 8.4 percent decline in audio sales to $666 million helped drive down second-quarter sales by 10.4 percent to $1.86 billion, and first-half sales by 6.1 percent to $3.62 billion. Each product sector- portables, home components, home systems and aftermarket car audio – slipped during each of the three time periods.

Nonetheless, CEA reported pockets of growth in June, led by a 667 percent increase in five-piece speaker packages to $8.4 million, a 140 percent gain in home-theater-in-a-box electronics/speaker packages and an 81 percent gain in six-piece speaker packages.

Also in June, portable audio products that decode MP3 and other compressed-audio files rose 124 percent to $11million. Headset CD player sales rose 80 percent. Mono car amps grew 44 percent. Twelve-inch car subwoofers grew 22 percent, and enclosed car subwoofers with driver diameters of 10 inches and up grew by 83 percent.

Here’s how the sectors fared in June, the quarter, and half:

Home systems: Monthly sales fell 1.8 percent to $164 million, helping drive down second-quarter sales by 8.6 percent to $443 million. It was the first second-quarter drop in system sales since 1998. First-half sales slipped to $855 million, down 1.7 percent from 2000’s first-half record level.

Autosound: Car audio has alternated this year between up and down months, and June was down 5 percent to $190 million. The category posted its first second-quarter loss since 1997, with sales falling 1.9 percent for the quarter to $563 million and 0.9 percent for the half to $1.12 million.

Portable audio: June sales fell 14.5 percent to $193 million, with second-quarter sales dropping 15.2 percent to $543 million and first-half sales dropping 10.1 percent to $1.01 billion. The figures reflect an upward revision in May portable sales.

Home components: Sales posted their fifth double-digit decline of the year in June, when sales slid 11.5 percent to $119 million. Second-quarter sales were off 17.6 percent to $305 million, and first-half volume shrank 13.3 percent to $630 million.

Total home audio: Combined sales of home components and systems slid in June by 6.1 percent to $283 million. Sales were off in the second quarter by 12.6 percent to $749 million and by 7 percent in the first half to $1.49 billion.