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Krell Readies Stereo Preamps

ORANGE, CONN. — Krell plans March shipments of two stereo preamplifiers designed to match the performance levels of select high-power Class A amps that incorporate iBias technology.

The new preamps are the $15,000 Illusion with separate power supply and the $7,000 Illusion II with digital inputs. The preamps match the cosmetics of the company’s seven iBias amps, which range in price up to $11,500. iBias improves Class A efficiency and reduces Class A amplifier size.

Onkyo Eyes Wireless Multiroom

LONDON — Onkyo teamed up with Imagination Technologies to collaborate on wireless multiroom-audio systems. No launch timetable was announced.

Onkyo devices based on Imagination’s technologies will be compatible with other- brand devices incorporating the technologies, including Pure’s Jongo wirelessspeaker family.

Yamaha AVR, Blu-ray Player

BUENA PARK, CALIF. – A new openingprice 5.1-channel Yamaha A/V receiver is the company’s first AVR with Virtual Cinema Front, which is said to deliver surround sound when all five speakers are placed up front.

The feature appears in the $299-suggested RX-V377, which is shipping. The feature is promoted as an option for rooms in which a traditional 5.1-speaker setup is not practical.

Yamaha also said it plans April shipments of a new 3D Blu-ray player that will expand its selection of SACD-equipped players to two.

The BD-S677, retailing for a suggested $329, will also be the company’s first Bluray player with wireless Miracast to stream content from Miracast-equipped smartphones and tablets. It’s also the company’s first player to connect to Dropbox to stream Cloud-stored audio and video.


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