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AudioSource Adds MP3

Portland, Ore. — AudioSource has begun shipping a portable $79.95-suggested MP3 speaker system that connects to headphone MP3 players and laptops via 3.5mm headphone jack. It operates off four AA batteries or via a laptop’s when connected via USB cable. The Db5 delivers 2x3.5-watt output through its two 25mm aluminum-cone speakers and folds up to carry around. Controls include on/off, volume, and 3D sound on/off. AudioSource is a division of Phoenix Gold.

Carver Ships A/V Processor

Portland, Ore. — Carver has begun shipping a preamp processor that converts stereo inputs into five- to nine-channel audio.

The $3,495-suggested HTP 9.1 incorporates 5.1- to 7.1-channel decoders in the Dolby and DTS formats, features second-zone capability with separate trigger outputs and IR inputs for each zone, eight-channel analog inputs for high-definition disc soundtracks, and flash memory that can be upgraded.

Carver is also a division of Phoenix Gold.

Nyko Adds iPod Dock

Los Angeles — Nyko’s Speaker Dock 2 for Apple iPods is compatible with all iPods via adapters and also plays back music from other portable sources through an analog line input. The $99 device, available at retail, operates off an AC adapter or four AA batteries, and features an adjustable cradle allowing for video viewing from different angles.

Pinnacle Cornered

Plainview, N.Y. — Pinnacle plans spring shipments of a pair of subwoofers designed for corner placement at a suggested $890 and $1,190. The White Diamond models sport white piano-gloss finish.

The subwoofers feature dual front drivers, sloping front baffle and corner-placement shape to deliver volume and response depth said to be typically found only in larger cabinet subs. The lower priced unit features two 6.5-inch drivers and 350-watt amp, while the other uses two 8-inch drivers and 700-watt amp.


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