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Turtle Beach Out Of Shell

Yonkers, N.Y. - Turtle Beach is opening up its Internet audio appliance to control by custom-installed distributed-audio systems and by other devices, including PDAs.

The company has developed a beta version of an application-programming interface (API) that lets companies develop remote-control software for the appliance, dubbed AudioTron.

The AudioTron, at an everyday $299, streams downloaded MP3 or WMA files from a remote PC connected via Ethernet or HomePNA connections. Since November, the device also streams MP3 audio directly from the Internet via an outboard broadband modem.

Greyfox Bites Into Retrofits

Pittsburgh, Pa. - Greyfox Systems has begun shipping a CAT-5-based structured-wiring solution designed for entry-level retrofit installs.

The company previously manufactured its products on an OEM basis for other home-network vendors and for such telecom providers as US West and Verizon.

The company's expandable Trio system distributes audio, video, data, and phone calls via CAT-5 cables from a compact hub. The structured-wiring system transmits stereo, distributes a different satellite channel to up to 16 TVs without the need for a satellite receiver in each room, and sends security-camera or DVD video to TVs and PCs.

PS Breeds Hybrid Amp

Boulder, Colo. - PS Audio had begun shipping a 95-percent-efficient Hybrid Class A amplifier that features zero-feedback, fgully differential/balanced analog inout stage and a digital output stage. The 2x150-watt HCA-2 (formerly the HCA-1) retails for a suggested $1,695.

The company also began shipping its $1,495-suggested Power Director, which manages, switches, and conditions AC power while also providing surge and spike protection for A/V devices and phone systems.


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