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Leviton Unveils Modulator
Little Neck, N.Y. - Leviton unveiled its first AV modulator, which converts composite audio and video signals to RF for distribution through a home's coaxial cables to multiple TV sets.

The $442-wholesale Desktop Stereo Modulator, 2.4x7.8x7-inches in size, sends AV signals from DVD players, satellite-TV receivers, and VCRs from a central locations to monitors anywhere in the house by converting the signal to the output of any UHF 14-69 channel or any CATV channel between 54-94 and 100-125.

It can be combined with an IT repeater system to control the sources remotely from other rooms. The product will debut at the CEDIA Expo.

CD/Cassette-Recorder Hits
Montebello, Calif. - TASCAM, the professional audio division of Teac, has launched a combination CD/cassette-recorder with built-in phono preamp at a suggested $875.

Users can use either the cassette deck or CD-R/RW recording deck to make copies directly from turntables, separate CD players, and other sources.

The CC-222 writes to blank data and music CD-R/RW discs. When writing to music discs, the device lets users select the SCMS (Serial Copy Management System) instructions to be encoded on the disc. The choices are no serial digital copies, one copy, or unlimited copies.

The division primarily sells its products through musical instruments retailers and pro audio retailers.

Monitor Ships Isobaric Sub
Buffalo, N.Y. - Monitor Audio USA, a division of importer Kevro International, has added a powered subwoofer that uses an isobaric design in which two 12-inch drivers are mounted face-to-face and connected electrically out-of-phase.

The design is unusual in home subwoofers but more common in car audio systems.

The 360-watt $1,995-suggested FB 212 sub, part of the Gold Reference series, also features variable Q control that can be used to tune the sub to the room or tailor response for movie soundtracks by providing a "more rounded, less defined response, the company said. It uses wood veneers.

Alliance Adds Members
San Ramon, Calif. - The Internet Home Alliance, whose members include suppliers and retailers, has signed up two new members: the Association of Value Added Distributors (AVAD), whose members distribute products to custom installers, and Ucentric Systems, the developer of home-networking software licensed to hardware manufacturers.

The alliance, with 31 members including Best Buy and Sears, was formed to promote Internet-connected home networking.

Legacy Goes Indirect
Springfield, Ill. - Legacy Audio plans to switch from consumer-direct marketing to dealer-based marketing after selling direct to consumers for almost 20 years and, in recent years, through a handful of independent stores and showrooms.

The company plans to exhibit at the CEDIA Expo.

The company, owned since 1996 by Allen Organ of Macungie, Pa., is seeking dealers and custom installers for its high-end enclosed home speakers, audio electronics, video displays and processors, in-wall speakers, and accessories.

The company's speakers start at $1,100 for a pair of bookshelf models to $14,500 for a pair of towers, said national sales manager Bob Howard. The company builds its own cabinets and crossovers and designs many of its own drivers, he said. Video displays include plasma.

Legacy has moved much of its manufacturing to Allen's 300,000-square-foot production facility in Macungie. Legacy's Springfield factory focuses on R&D and production of specialty items and custom wood finishes.

Legacy can be reached at 800-283-4644 or

It's CMC
Dublin, Calif. - The company marketing the Cyberboy digital camera/PDA/MP3 player/FM radio is CMC Magnetics. The company was misidentified in the July 23 print edition of TWICE.


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