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E-Wear In Gear

Secaucus, N.J. - Panasonic's latest flash-memory portable, the SV-SD50 e-wear player, plays MP3, WMA, and AAC music files for up to 30 hours on a single AAA battery. It ships in September at a suggested $149.95, including 64MB SD-format memory card, in-ear headphones, neck strap, PC software on CD ROM; and USB reader/writer.

The new Media Manager PC software makes file transfer and music management easier than with previous versions, the company said. The product is intended for use with USB port-equipped PC using Windows 98, 98SE, Me, 2000, or XP Home Edition and Professional.

Terapin And Seraphim

arrollton, Texas - For PC-fearing music lovers, it could be heaven.

Terapin introduced a standalone dual-well audio CD recorder that encodes MP3 files onto recordable audio and data CDs. The $499-suggested recorder also plays MP3 CDs, converts MP3-CD files to CD audio, and copies Video CD to Video CD. Serial, USB, and Ethernet ports lets users record a PC's music files to disc.

Terapin's other products include a model lacking MP3 capability and a DVD-equipped HTiB. It plans a DVD-recorder later this year.

Inflatable Speakers Aired

New York - Ellula is pumping out inflatable speakers that use NXT's flat-panel speaker technology. They're designed for use with portable music players.

When pumped, the speakers stand 9-inches-tall. They can be plugged into household AC or a six-AA battery pack.

The company said Bloomingdales is picking up the C-2 version at a suggested $49.95. The Revo version, targeted to mass retailers, features bright colors and bubble-like shape for teens. It will retail for $45/pair. Both versions are available now at and in England. The full U.S. retail launch is planned for October, though units will appear in August in Bloomingdales.

Label Cuts DVD-A Prices

Los Angeles - Independent music company 5.1 Entertainment reduced the price of its DVD-Audio discs to a suggested $17.98 from $24.98 and $22.98 following Warner's June 17 reduction of DVD-Audio price and drops by Sony and Telarc in their SACD prices.

Warner cut its prices of DVD-Audio discs by 25-30 percent from a suggested $24.98. Earlier, Sony cut its SACD prices from $24.95 to $21 for multichannel discs and to $19 for two-channel discs.

Meantime, after missing a spring target for shipping its first SACD discs, Universal said the titles will ship in the fall. The company declined to comment on a report that its first 12 SACDs will be available in stores Sept. 10, followed by two more on Sept. 17, when the two SACD discs will ship day-and-date with their CD counterparts.

DTS On 100-Million March

Agoura Hills, Calif. - More than 100 million consumer products sold to date worldwide incorporate DTS's surround technology, and more than 300 CE manufacturers worldwide license DTS technology.

Webcast Rates Cast Into Court

Washington - The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) will file a court appeal of the June 20 decision by the Librarian of Congress on royalty rates for non-subscription, non-interactive streaming-music services.

The RIAA wants higher royalties; the webcast industry and radio stations that rebroadcast over the web say the rates are too high and will force many of them to turn off the lights.

The decision's impact could also spill over into the continuing, unresolved dispute over royalty payments to be paid by subscription-based and interactive webcasters.

Among other things, the RIAA claimed the Librarian was 'duped by Yahoo!'s self-serving testimony.' Briefs will be filed later this year.

Custom Company Launched

Attleboro, Mass. - Keith Davis, former engineering manager for Audio Video Design in Newton, Mass., launched a/v/a Tech (Audio Video Automation Technologies) to provide design and engineering services in the custom installation market.

The services are targeted to small to mid-sized dealers who cannot afford a full time engineering department, said president Keith Davis. Services will include project management, training and programming.

Using CAD, Visio and D-Tools, a/v/a Tech is able to design and document all aspects of the project from rough wiring to final wiring connections.

The company can be reached at or (508) 223-3209.


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