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More Access To Rented Songs
New York — More than 25 portable MP3 players and PDAs are now compatible with subscription-based music download services that use the Windows Media Audio (WMA) format, according to download service Napster.
These products incorporate Windows Media Digital Rights Management 10, formerly known as Janus. Sites supporting the technology include Napster and FYE’s Download Zone.
The devices include products from Audiovox, Creative, Dell, Gateway, iRiver, Palm, Rio, Samsung and Toshiba. Smartphones and PDA-phones supporting subscription downloads include Audiovox’s SMT-5600 smartphone and Palm’s Treo 650.
Rio recently announced its Carbon and ce2100 series MP3 portables are compatible via a firmware download.

Antex Adds Commercial XM
Gardena, Calif. — Antex launched its first commercial-market XM tuner, a single-zone model that joins its current residential satellite-radio tuners, a three-zone XM model and a three-zone Sirius model.
The new XM-100, already available, is also XM’s first commercial-grade tuner, which is intended for use by businesses such as retail stores, hotels and restaurants. The features include preset channel switching, enabling business owners to preprogram channel changes and volume levels at various times of the day. Another feature blocks out selected channels, and all front-panel controls can be locked to prevent changes by employees. A menu system allows for antenna setup by installers.

iBiquity Vies For Ubiquity
Denver — Crawford Broadcasting, operator of 29 AM and FM stations in12 markets, is turning on iBiquity’s digital broadcasting technology in more stations. Five FM stations were up and running in early July, and three more FM stations were to be turned on by the end of July. In the fall, three AM stations will go online. The company also plans to test GM multicasting.
All told, more than 420 stations have converted to iBiquity’s HD Radio technology, and 2,500 more are in the process of converting, iBiquity said.

UStec: Timing Is Everything
Victor, N.Y. — UStec has developed a structured-wiring enclosure that makes it unnecessary for a builder to schedule the installation of a structured-wiring enclosure between framing and dry-wall installation. The product, called ceLAN, comes with a bracket that installers attach to a stud after a home is framed and wired. Cabling is cinched to the bracket. Anytime after drywall is installed, the ceLAN cabinet can be attached to the bracket. ceLAN distributes cable and satellite TV, broadband access and audio, and can include home security and home automation functions. Systems can be expanded with additional cabinets.

Multiple-Sub Amp Unveiled
Chatsworth, Calif. — Anthony Gallo Acoustics unveiled a subwoofer amp that lets users control and adjust multiple passive subwoofers from its control panel. The $900-suggested Reference 3 features two-channel amp, dual electronic crossovers, dual phase controls, continuously variable EQ boost/cut to extend response to 22Hz, 2-ohm stereo stability and 4-ohm mono stability when bridged.

DualDisc Capacity Grows
Asheville, N.C. — Sonopress has expanded its DualDiscs production capacity to 175,000 discs per day on 12 operating lines. That’s up from 29,000 per day. DualDiscs feature single-layer DVD on one side and CD on the other. The DVD side must contain the same music content as the CD side, but the DVD side must also contain some video to be considered a DualDisc under the music industry’s licensing program. The DVD side can contain standard two-channel PCM, 5.1-channel DVD-Audio, or multichannel Dolby Digital.


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