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Bose Adds Wireless Option To Networked Audio Systems
Framingham, Mass. — Bose followed up the launch last year of its first home audio systems that can be networked, with the addition of a wireless option said to maintain wired-network quality.

Pricey Laser Turntable For Vinyl Re-Lit

St. Albans, Vt. — High-end audio retailer Audio Turntable has begun marketing ELP’s Laser Turntable in the United States.

Klipsch Wins Again

Indianapolis — A settlement reached between Klipsch and precludes the unauthorized Internet dealer, its owners and future businesses started by the owners from selling Klipsch-brand products.

DenonLink Interface Ships

Pine Brook, N.J. — Denon has begun offering receivers with a proprietary DenonLink digital input approved by Sony and Philips to transfer SACD audio in digital form between an SACD player and an A/V receiver.

Russound Expands Custom Line

Newmarket, N.H. — Russound expanded its selection of HDD music servers to two and launched its first in-wall touch screen, a color model.

JBL Builds New Studio

Woodbury, N.Y. – An all-new mainstream Studio series of component speakers launched by JBL has been completely restyled and redesigned to improve cabinet construction, deliver more wall-mounting options, and reproduce sound out to 40kHz though am ultrahigh-frequency driver that complements a more traditional tweeter.


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