Audio Briefs


Artison Paints 2nd Portrait
Incline Village, Nev. — Artison’s second pair of flat-screen-friendly speakers, the Portrait Tower Kit, is designed as a floor-standing complement to wall-hanging flat-panel displays and to the new narrow-profile DLP and CRT rear-projection TVs. Artison’s first flat-screen-friendly speakers, launched more than a year ago, were wall-hanging models. Both speaker pairs make a separate center-channel speaker unnecessary by incorporating identical drivers dedicated to reproducing center-channel information.

The new 23 x 6 x 3.6-inch LCR speakers, priced at a suggested $1,500/pair, cosmetically integrate with matching $499 floor stands.

Bottom-end sound can be supplied by Velodyne-branded subwoofers, that the two companies will jointly market and sell. The two companies determined optimal crossover frequencies and slope settings.

BeoCenter2 Launched
Arlington Heights, Ill — Bang & Olufsen plans a late-February shipment of its first DVD-equipped audio system, the oval-shaped BeoCenter2 at $4,100. The polished-aluminum master unit features two wing-shaped doors that slide open at the press of a button to reveal the CD/DVD player. Speakers aren’t included. The company already offered a standalone DVD player.

If You Want A Resolution
Orange, Conn. —Krell’s five-speaker Resolution series, ranging in suggested retail price from $3,500/pair to $11,000/pair, feature multiple performance enhancements over their predecessors. They include midrange drivers isolated in their own enclosures, internal bracing asymmetrically aligned to further increase cabinet rigidity, and curved cabinets that add to aesthetics and help eliminate internal standing waves. Other design elements include tweeters that feature integral waveguide to enhance dispersion, midbass drivers decoupled from the driver frame to eliminate coloration, and crossover networks that provide a smooth impedance curve. The speakers are available.


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