Audio Briefs


Rotel's 1st DVD-Receiver

North Reading, Mass. - Dealers will get another opportunity to create their own HTiB systems with the introduction of Rotel's first DVD-receiver, the $1,499-suggested RSDX-02.

The single-disc model plays DVD-Audio, MP3, and JPEG discs, and it features Dolby Digital and DTA 5.1 decoding, Dolby Pro Logic II, DTS Neo:6, and wideband component-video ins and outs.. The amp is rated at 5x80 watts. The unit comes with LCD touchpad remote.

Amps Hail From Anthem

Ontario - Anthem/Sonic Frontiers launched its first multichannel amps and a new tuner/preamp.

Three new amps, available in black or silver, are the $649-suggested two-channel PVA 2, $1,099 five-channel PVA 5, and $1,499 PVA 7 $1,499. Power ratings are 125-watts with one channel driven and 105-watts with all channels driven into an 8-ohm load.

The $699 TLP1 tuner/preamp features digitally controlled analog volume control, built-in 80 Hz crossover for use with bookshelf speakers and a subwoofer, per-station tone-control memory, and tone-control memory for CD playback.

China's New Frontier

Hong Kong – Startup Frontier Labs has introduced its third portable digital audio product, which uses Compact Flash cards and 1GB microdrives to store music.

The device, the called Nex ia, is available through the company’s web site (, but the company is trying to break into retail distribution, a spokesperson said.

Nex ia plays Windows Media Audio and MP3 files, but its firmware is upgradable to support additional formats and add new features. It also incorporates FM tuner and voice recorder at prices up to $249 for a model bundled with a 1GB microdrive. Other features include five-way jog dial, five-band programmable EQ, and drag-and-drop file transfer.

NiMH battery life is about 20 hours for flash-memory playback and about eight hours for microdrive playback. When files are transferred from a USB-connected PC, the device gets power from the USB to extend battery life.

The company was founded in 1999 to develop digital audio portables.


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