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AT&T Streaming U-Verse Live TV To Smartphones, Tablets

Dallas — AT&T is making live TV from its U-verse IPTV service available on Android and iOS smartphones and on iPads.

 Via the downloadable U-verse app, subscribers of AT&T’s home U-verse TV service can watch more than 100 live channels on a smartphone or tablet while inside the house and more than 20 channels outside the house while on the go, the company said. The new channels are available to U-verse TV customers as part of a U-family or higher TV package. AT&T said it will add more live channels and expand the live channels to more devices on an ongoing basis.

 In addition to live channels, the U-verse app also offers thousands of on-demand TV shows and movies, extra content and information about the TV show that someone is watching, a full-featured U-verse remote control with channel guide, ability to control a DVR remotely, and advanced search functionality, the company said.

 “By making live TV content available across devices, we’re enabling our customers to watch TV on their terms when and where they want it,” said Mel Coker, chief marketing officer of AT&T Home Solutions.