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AT&T Prices Amber Alert Phone/GPS Tracker

Dallas – AT&T announced Nov. 22 availability and a $129 price point for Amber Alert GPS, a communications and tracking device that parents would use to keep track of their kids.

The carrier is offering the device only through its web store at and through its flagship Michigan Avenue store in Chicago. A spokesperson declined to say whether distribution would be expanded at a later date.

The 3G device weighs 1.5 ounces and features GPS, two-way voice calling, and the ability to be tracked by Android and iOS smartphones apps and computers.

The device has been available from Salt Lake City-based Amber Alert GPS at direct to consumers with two service plans priced at $14.99/month to $24.99/month.

AT&T is the exclusive network provider for the device and also provides billing services.

Features include speed alerts to notify parents when their child is in a vehicle exceeding a predetermined speed. A breadcrumb feature automatically sends alerts of a child’s location based on a preset schedule. Zone Alert lets parents create zones around their home, neighborhood, school or playground and receive an email alert whenever their child enters or exits a Zone. An SOS button lets kids alert parents if they need help.

In October, AT&T announced a deal with London-based Filip Technologies to provide billing and distribution services for that company’s combination cellphone watch and GPS locator for kids. Details on pricing and service plans, however, haven’t been revealed, though AT&T said at the time that the device would be available in time for the holidays through Filip’s web site and Distribution will expand early next year to select AT&T-owned stores, a spokesperson said at the time.