AT&T OKs SlingPlayer Over 3G

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Dallas - AT&T has approved the use of SlingMedia's SlingPlayer Mobile TV-place-shifting app over its 3G cellular network.

The app, which could previously be used via Wi-Fi on AT&T smartphones, lets consumers remotely control their TV or DVR and stream live or recorded content for viewing on a smartphone display. The TV and DVR must be connected to a Slingbox set-top box.

 After testing, AT&T said it found the app to be "optimized to conserve wireless spectrum." Ralph de la Vega, president/ CEO of AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets, said, "Collaboration with developers like Sling Media ensures that all apps are optimized for our 3G network to conserve wireless spectrum and reduce the risk that an app will cause such extreme levels of congestion that they disrupt the experience of other wireless customers."

AT&T also said its decision "further demonstrates [AT&T's] commitment to fostering the development of a wide range of mobile applications for smartphones, quick-messaging devices and other mobile devices."


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