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AT&T Drops ESPN 3D From U-Verse Service

New York – More
bad news came for 3DTV fence-sitters Sunday night when


dropped the nascent ESPN 3D channel from its U-verse channel lineup, citing
high cost and low demand.

In a statement
explaining the decision, AT&T said: “We’re always listening to customers
and working to make sure we’re delivering the channels they want, while keeping
costs down. The price tag for ESPN 3D was too high, especially considering the
low demand we’ve seen from customers. We’ve decided not to renew our agreement
for ESPN 3D. For our customers who subscribe to the U-verse 3D Technology
package, it will be automatically removed from their bills and any charges
after the channel has been removed will be credited.

“We continue to
add new channels and content that our customers want. We offer several 3D
titles today in our U-verse movies library, and we’ll look to deliver more 3D
channels and content, at a reasonable cost, as more of our customers purchase
3DTVs and tell us they want it.”

AT&T added
ESPN 3D to its lineup last June, asking a $10 extra fee for the 3D sports
channel. AT&T continues to offer its U-verse subs 3D video-on-demand