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AT&T Announces E-911 Plans

Bedminster, N.J. — Responding to the FCC’s mandate to integrate Enhanced-911 (E-911) services into all primary line VoIP services by Nov. 28, AT&T announced yesterday that is has begun rolling out E-911 service to its CallVantage customers.

The company began phasing in E-911 in select markets in April, so new subscribers in these markets are automatically receiving E-911 when they activate CallVantage. Existing subscribers in those markets will be provisioned with E-911 service automatically by midsummer, unless they have an “out of area” telephone number as their primary line. If the user chooses an out of area number, they will remain on the company’s alternative emergency dialing service until AT&T is ready to roll out an out of area E-911 service.

E-911 service delivers a caller’s name, telephone number and service address directly to the console of the appropriate Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) in the event of an emergency.