AT&T Adds International Data Packages To Laptops

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Dallas - AT&T announced it has added international pay-as-you-go data packages to its line of certified laptops and netbooks.

The AT&T DataConnect Pass Global is an extension of the company's already existing pay-as-you-go services, and now provides data coverage in more than 100 countries, AT&T said.

The plans include:

  • DataConnect Pass Global 20MB for $24.99;
  • DataConnect Pass Global 50MB for $59.99;
  • DataConnect Pass Global 100MB for $119; and
  •   DataConnect Pass Global 200MB for $199.

Data sessions may be purchased at AT&T DataConnect Pass Sessions with a credit or debit card, or the charges can be billed to the user's wireless bill.

Once purchased, customers have the flexibility to specify when they want the 30-day session to begin, which is meant to be convenient for travelers. Text and email alerts for plan expiration notifications are available.


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