AT&T Adds First Advanced Digital Cordless Phone

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AT&T Consumer Products is beefing up its 900MHz offerings with a two-line model and its first spread-spectrum unit.

Manufactured by Cincinnati Microwave, the new spread-spectrum model 9300 uses direct-sequence spread-spectrum technology, which CM promotes as its SureLink technology in its own Escort brand line and in models it supplies to other companies. The 9300 lists for $279.99.

Although it is AT&T's first spread-spectrum phone, the 9300 is the fourth 900MHz cordless phone in the line. The other models, which are also digital, include the 9100 at $129, the 9120 at $259, and the new two-line model 9132 at $319.

AT&T has moved into spread-spectrum technology to satisfy consumer needs for longer range and clarity, says cordless product manager Gloria Givens.

Given sees a very strong growth market for 900MHz, with sales increasing about 50% a year over the next few years. And AT&T, she says, is "planning product developments to seize some of that potential market."

For 1996, says Givens, 900MHz will account for between 8.5% and 9% of the total cordless market unit sales -- 52% growth over 1994.

The new 9300 features included automatic answer/standby, 10-number memory, an out-of-range alert signal, and a handset locator.


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