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Atrio Earphones Now Available To Public

Bristol, Pa. — Future Sonics has begun making its new Atrio Series earphones available to the public on a limited basis.

The Atrio Series is designed to transfer the company’s TrueTimbre technology without compromise into an advanced, universal-fit product.

Unlike two-way, three-way or so-called “hybrid” armature-based earphones, there are no electronic or comb filtering artifacts, no phase issues and no crossover dropouts in Atrio Series earphones, said Future Sonics in a release. “All the listener hears is perfectly balanced, natural and realistic sound with a sense of ‘feel,’” it said.

Included are three interchangeable pairs of the company’s EarFills dual-flange silicon sleeves that are meant to enable the earpiece to fit snugly in any size ear canal. Also, it comes with two pairs of the company’s ComfortFit foam sleeves; these sleeves are meant to replace the EarFills for users who prefer a more complete seal of the ear canal.

“Unlike so-called active ‘noise canceling’ headphones, Atrio Series earphones reduce ambient noise without adding sound,” said Future Sonics. “They are built to optimize the sound output of any concert stage, recording studio, multimedia or broadcast production, yet can also improve the enjoyment of portable music and DVD players, laptop PCs and gaming systems.”

The Atrio Series earphones are available in two models: the m5 edition in black and the m8 edition in cobalt blue. Both models have a suggested retail price of $199 and come with a carrying case.

Atrio Series earphones carry a two-year warranty and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, and can be purchased direct from Future Sonics and through authorized dealers.