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Atlona Adds ‘Most Advanced’ 4K Switcher, HDMI Tester

DENVER – Atlona (booth 1035) is bringing here this week a new 4K switcher for dual display systems and a 4K-capable device for testing and resolving HDMI signal-pass problems.

Atlona’s one rack-unit 4K component switcher with HDBaseT inputs and output was created with boardrooms and classroom systems in mind.

It is positioned as a single component that addresses an array of A/V switching and processing needs often encountered in system installations.

Atlona called the 4K-capable, HDBaseT switcher its “most advanced” for systems that need to accept multiple digital and analog inputs as selectable sources for displays up to 230 feet away.

The new Model AT-UHD-CLSO-612 is equipped with two HDBaseT, two HDMI, and two analog inputs, and provides switching, up- and down-scaling, converting, audio de-embedding, and signal extension capabilities in a single rack-unit enclosure.

The CLSO-612 permits source selection, master/sub volume control, audio line-level and EQ adjustments, and other functions manually via the front panel or remotely via IR, RS-232 or IP control.

According to the company, it is one of the first scalers that can take a 4K signal and display it on 1080p monitor.

The CLSO-612 is available now at $1,999 suggested retail. Atlona commercial product manager Bill Schripsema said it “takes care of all the important steps in getting content from any source to whatever display and audio system the customer is using, including 4K monitors or projectors.”

The company is also showing a palm-sized tester that can identify cable problems as well as provide a permanent in-line solution.

The Atlona AT-UHD-SYNC (available now at a $229 suggested retail) is said to be the first 4K-capable device targeting A/V integrators for testing and resolving HDMI signal pass problems between sources and displays.

The AT-UHD-SYNC is a USB-powered 4K HDMI emulator and tester that can also regenerate the signal from an HDMI 1.2 source, typically a cable set-top box, enabling it to be used with components and displays equipped with newer HDMI 1.3 or 1.4 technology, including Ultra HD TVs, the company said.

“There are quite literally millions of cable boxes out there equipped with HDMI 1.2 that simply aren’t going to sync with new HDTVs, UHD TVs or HDMI matrix switchers,” said Steve Heintz, Atlona senior product manager. “You can put the UHD-SYNC inline between the source and TV, receiver, or switcher, and that’s your solution.”

The tiny unit is equipped with LEDs to indicate the presence and state of 5V, hot plug and HDCP signals. It also has a built-in EDID emulator to ensure the source delivers a suitable signal to the display.

Nine preset modes are provided along with a learning mode. The USB port allows the device to be powered by another component without an additional power supply or outlet.