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Atlantic Technology Reorganizes Management

Norwood, Mass.
– Atlantic Technology reorganized its management team, shifting
responsibilities to improve marketing communications and time to market, the
company announced.

No employees
were laid off in the reorganization, a spokesman said.

Under the
changes, sales VP Lawrence Davis becomes sales and marketing VP to more closely
coordinate sales and marketing activities, president Peter Tribeman said.

mission is to “facilitate faster and more accurate feedback on market needs and
emerging trends, which will in turn lead to an even stronger, more innovative
product lineup,” Tribeman said.

director Steve Feinstein takes on responsibilities for “outside” marketing to
work with Davis to improve Atlantic’s presence on the web and social media and
create new ways for consumers, dealers and installers to communicate with the
company, Tribeman said.

Another longtime
employee, Joe Meisner, will be responsible as director of logistics and
operations for Atlantic’s interaction with suppliers and vendors, creating strict
development timetables, and being responsible for timely finished production
delivery, Tribeman said.

The changes
were made as the company prepares to launch more speakers with

bass-enhancing technology

. The first of the new H-PAS-equipped models is
expected to be a self-powered soundbar followed by in-wall speakers and compact
free-standing subwoofers. To prepare for the additions, Atlantic is curtailing
sales of its 10e CSB subwoofer and IWCB-727 in-wall speaker.