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Atlantic Ships H-PAS Bookshelf

Norwood, Mass. – Atlantic Technology has
begun shipping its second home speaker with H-PAS (Hybrid Pressure Acceleration
System) bass technology.

The $1,800/pair AT-2 is the company’s
first bookshelf speaker with the technology, joining the floorstanding AT-1 speaker with
An active soundbar incorporating the technology is also under development.

The speaker will be displayed during
International CES at the Venetian Veronese 2501A.

H-PAS is said to deliver much higher
levels of deep, low-distortion bass than conventional speakers. The technology
is said to break the common wisdom that among three key goals of speaker design
— deep bass extension, a compact enclosure and good efficiency — speaker designers
must choose two at the expense of the third.

The AT-2 is less than 16 inches tall with an interior
acoustic volume of less than 0.66-cubic-feet and delivers bass down to
44Hz at -3dB. It features single 5.25-inch
long-excursion woofer and the same 1.13-inch Low Resonance Tweeter (LRT) used in the AT-1. The crossover
frequency of 2,200Hz is much lower than most conventional two-way
speakers to deliver wider
horizontal midrange dispersion. The cabinet dimensions are 15.63
inches by 8.75 inches wide by
12.25 inches.