Atlantic Goes Bezel-Less In New In-Ceiling Speakers


Norwood, Mass. - Five new in-ceiling speakers launched by Atlantic Technology include the company's first four bezel-less, flat-grille models, said to be almost invisible to casual observers.

 All five speakers sport sonic improvements over the models they replace.

The bezel-less models constitute the Trim-Look Ceiling (TLC) series speakers, which feature thin magnetically attached grilles that "are flat, not domed out in profile like conventional ceiling speakers, so in addition to a trim no-bezel look, they lie flatter to the ceiling," said marketing director Steve Feinstein.


 The four bezel-less models include two Tri-Mode speakers, which like their predecessors can be deployed in mono, single-point stereo, or bipole/dipole surround-speaker applications.

The new Tri-Mode speakers are the $325-each TLC-6.3 and $450-each TLC-8.3, each with a dual-voice-coil woofer and two pivoting tweeters. Each speaker features separate left- and right-channel input terminals, input jumpers and a built-in bipole/dipole switch, enabling installers to configure them for mono, single-point stereo or surround-speaker use.

 Compared to their Tri-Mode predecessors, the new three-in-one speakers feature significantly refined crossovers and tweeters, and their tweeters are pivoting rather than fixed as in the predecessor models, said Feinstein. With a pair of tweeters that pivot independently of each other, he noted, installers can maximize the dipole effect for surround applications.

The other two TLC speakers are the two-way TLC-6.2 and TLC-8.2 at suggested retails of $250 each and $325 each, respectively. They are single-channel 6.5- and 8-inch speakers with 1-inch soft-dome tweeters that pivot 30 degrees for optimal imaging.

The TLC speakers ship this week.

Atlantic has already shipped the $400-each ICTS-6HT in-ceiling home-theater speaker, which can be used for the front left, center and right channels of a surround system. Like its more expensive $550 predecessor, the new speaker features bezel, angled woofer and pivoting tweeter, but the new model has an improved woofer and "refined/upgraded crossover for significantly smoother sound," said Feinstein.

The 6.5-inch polypropylene woofer is mounted at a 15-degree angle to direct midrange and vocals toward the listener to deliver improved imaging and intelligibility, the company said. To further enhance imaging, the tweeter can be pivoted up to 30 degrees. The speaker also has built-in tweeter level controls and a woofer-level/boundary compensation adjustment.


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