Atlantic Adds 7-Channel Passive Surround Bar

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CEDIA Expo 2009 Atlanta - Atlantic Technology entered the surround-bar market here at the CEDIA Expo with a passive seven-channel model complemented by a companion powered subwoofer.

The single-chassis FS-7.0 Surround Bar and companion SB-800 subwoofer will be available this month at suggested retails of $800 and $300, respectively. The 40-inch-wide FS-7.0 features gloss-black finish, and the 8-inch 100-watt subwoofer is in matte black.

The company also offers a passive three-channel sound bar for home theater use.

The surround bar uses passive psychoacoustic techniques to retain "every iota of the original sound information" while redistributing the sound to multiple drivers "to deliver cleaner, fuller, and more convincing surround sound than we've heard from any other [single-enclosure surround bar] system," said Steve Feinstein, director of marketing and product development.

The surround bar features three 1-inch soft-dome tweeters, one for each of the front LCR channels.  A pair of 4x6-inch woofers each features dual voice coils, saving space and maintaining a trim enclosure because the two woofers are able to reproduce all three of the three front channels' upper bass and midrange frequencies. The left woofer reproduces the left-front channel and half of the center channel, while the right woofer handles the right front channel and the other half of the center channel, the company explained.

For the surround channels, a pair of full-range 3.25-inch drivers are mounted at each side of the cabinet at a radiation angle designed to reflect sound off the front and side walls to immerse listeners in the surround field, the company said. Each patent-pending driver features a triple-voice-coil design to reproduce both the side and rear surround channels and part of the front left and right channels. The latter improves the spaciousness to the front soundstage, the company said.

Although any powered sub works with the surround bar, Atlantic designed the SB-800 specifically for the FS-7.0. The 100-watt subwoofer feature long-throw 8-inch woofer capable of linear output down to 32Hz at up to 103dB in a 2,000-cubic-foot room.


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