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ATI Introduces A/V Processors, Amps

Amplifier Technologies Incorporated (ATI) is launching a pair of two-channel amps and a trio of preamplifier/processors, two equipped with AM/FM tuners, at booth 21744 in South Hall 1 of the LVCC.

All models offer custom installation capabilities. The amps, for example, are stable with complex capacitive and reactive loads, and the preamp/processors offer such custom features as discrete on/off codes, remote triggers, discrete RS232 commands, back-panel IR inputs, two-zone capability and buffered video outputs for long cable runs.

The tuner-equipped preamp/processors are the $3,995 ATP7700 and $5,995 ATP8700. The tuner-less processor is the $2,995 ATP6700. The two amps are the $695 2×120-watt AT1202 and the $495 2×60-watt AT602.

Both rack-mountable amps are said to be built for commercial and residential applications, with the AT1202 adding clip limiters to prevent damage to speakers or to in-room volume controls in case the amps are overdriven. Both are rated into 8 ohm loads from 20Hz to 20kHz with no more than 0.3 percent THD with both channels driven. The also feature high-current bipolar output transistors, “ultra soft” turn on and 3.3VDC-24VDC remote trigger.

All three preamp/processors process “virtually all” digital algorithms, including Dolby Digital EX, DTS ES, Dolby Pro Logic II and DTS Neo 6, and for those it doesn’t process, the devices feature 7.1-channel analog inputs for new surround codecs supported by Blu-ray and HD DVD players. The top two models add analog bass managements on the 7.1 inputs. The top-end model adds two DVI inputs and one DVI output. The others top out with component-video ins/outs.

All feature TFT front-panel monitors for easy setup, discrete on/off, remote triggers, learning remotes, second zone A/V outputs, dedicated second-zone input, down-mixing of S-Video to composite and RS232 discrete commands.

The number of inputs and outputs rises with price point, with the 8700 offering adding a pair of XLR balanced audio inputs.