Asus Debuts Smartphone, Tablet Combo

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Taipei, Taiwan - Asus borrowed a concept from Motorola here at the Computex trade show, unveiling a mockup of an Android-based smartphone that physically docks with a tablet to operate as the tablet's engine.



features 4.3-inch touchscreen and docks to the back of a tablet whose screen size is 10.1 inches. The phone supplies the tablet's processing power and acts as an extended battery for the tablet.

 Asus showed a mockup, didn't release details, and didn't say when the device would be available or in which countries.

The PC, netbook and smartphone maker positions the device as giving consumers the choice of using the screen size that best fits a particular activity. It is also being promoted as making it unnecessary to transfer data from smartphone to tablet, and it enables users to pay for one cellular-data connections instead of separate data plans, one for a smartphone and the second for a tablet.

The device would likely use the planned Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android, which is intended for use in both smartphones and tablets.

Earlier this year, Motorola

launched the Atrix 4G

Android smartphone, which physically docks in a recess in a laptop-looking clamshell, which is called the Motorola Lapdock Dock and features 11.6-inch display and QWERTY keyboard. The phone is an Android 2.2-based phone that operates on AT&T's 4G HSPA+ network.

In the U.S., Acer markets netbooks.


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