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Assurant Gets CompUSA’s Service Obligations

Atlanta — Assurant Solutions, the extended-service-contract provider, reconfirmed today that it will administer the approximately 2.7 million service plans sold by CompUSA on or before Dec. 31, 2007.

As previously reported, the post-liquidation plan was developed late last year with CompUSA to ensure “continuity of responsive service levels” after its demise in February, Assurant said.

“We decided that the best way to ensure that former CompUSA customers are provided consistent, high-quality service was to assume responsibility for administering the service plans that we were not already administering,” said Joe Erdeman, president of the Assurant’s extended-service-contract business.

Effective last week, all calls for service to toll-free numbers previously provided CompUSA customers were directed to call centers operated by Assurant and its service partners. Customers who subscribed to a plan that included carry-in service at CompUSA stores will be provided with prepaid shipping boxes or will receive on-site service.

Erdeman said that Assurant has set aside sufficient reserves to cover its obligations for the terms of the CompUSA service plans.