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Artison Upgrades TV-Attachable LCR Speaker, Plans New Subs

Minden, Nev. – Artison shipped an upgraded version of its flat Masterpiece LCR DM speaker, which attaches to the sides of flat-panel TVs, and is preparing to re-enter the in-wall and in-room subwoofer markets.

The in-wall and in-room subwoofers will be unveiled at the CEDIA Expo.

The Masterpiece LCRDM-Mk2 retails for $3,000/pair and joins the upgraded Mk2 versions of the $2,000/pair Portrait LCRDM and $1,400/pair Sketch LCRDM. The latter two shipped earlier this year.

The LCRDM series does not include a dedicated center-channel speaker, but a pair of LCRDM speakers creates a center-channel image placed at the center of the screen, thanks to proprietary DualMono technology. With DualMono, each speaker incorporates left- or right-channel drivers as well as dedicated center-channel drivers. Using their center-channel drivers, a pair of LCRDM speakers places the apparent source of center-channel sound in the center of the display, eliminating the need for a separate speaker that would have to be placed above or below the TV.

In its 2.6-inch-deep chassis (with grille), the flagship Masterpiece packs two 3.5-inch carbon-fiber midrange/woofers and eight 1-inch tweeters in a curved line array to produce center-channel sound. Two 3.5-inch carbon-fiber midrange/woofers and eight 1-inch tweeters in a curved line array deliver the left or right channel. Another 1-inch tweeter is used to widen the soundfield.

The cabinet, which is 30-inches-tall and 6.5-inches-wide, is made of satin-black extruded aluminum. Frequency response is 80Hz to 30kHz. Recommended power is 100 to 250 watts.

Custom grilles are available to match the exact height of a TV. Prices include either the custom grille plus universal mounting brackets or an in wall kit.

 All three models in the LCR DM Mk2 series are priced the same as their predecessors but include the following upgrades:

 Kevlar woofer/midranges have been replaced with proprietary woven carbon-fiber convex designs to improve performance, especially in the midbass and upper midrange regions, said Artison founder Cary Christie. The speakers are warmer and more detailed, he added.

The grilles’ Velcro attachment has been replaced with a blade/slot design for a more firm, stable grille and still allow for adjustments after installation to make it easier to align the speaker with the TV, he said. In addition, universal mounting brackets now come in three different lengths for more strength and have stabilizer mounts to give the speakers a more rigid mount, he said.

For its planned subwoofer debut, Artison is developing four in-wall units that Christie called “very small and powerful.” He did not divulge details, but the company previously offered two high-performance in-wall subs, launched in 2006, with a design called Reactance Cancelling Configuration (RCC) to eliminate vibration. They featured DSP-based automatic room equalization and movie and music modes at a suggested $800 and $1,500 at launch, excluding companion $699 and $999 amplifiers.

Also at Expo, Artison will launch a line of freestanding aluminum subwoofers that Christie called “very small and feature laden.”