Arris Cuts Moxi Pricing, Adds 3-Tuner HD DVR


Suwanee, Ga. - Under the direction of new owner Arris, the Moxi interactive cable set-top box product line was a given a formal update Tuesday with the introduction of a three-tuner version of the Moxi HD DVR and a range of price reductions on the two-tuner Moxi HD DVR and Moxi multi-room packages.

The new three-tuner Moxi HD DVR, which allows for recording of three channels simultaneously while watching a fourth recorded program, is now available in a Moxi HD DVR plus Moxi Mate bundle for $799 suggested retail, the company said.

At the same time, the price of the two-tuner Moxi HD DVR introduced earlier this year has been reduced by $300 to a $499 suggested retail.

In addition, Arris introduced a multi-room bundle option including a three-tuner Moxi HD DVR and two Moxi Mates for $999. The package will serve a total of three rooms.

The company also announced plans to deliver live TV on the Moxi Mate via the Moxi HD DVR. The Moxi HD DVR will receive the update automatically through a software download, Arris said.

Meanwhile, the Arris slashed the price of the Moxi Mate thin-client set-top box by $100 to $299.

"We've heard from consumers that they love the Moxi products but are looking for different price and component options to serve their individual needs," stated Marc Beckwitt, Arris CPE video business development VP. "The recent acquisition by Arris brings the market presence and leverage required to drive cost out of the product, and consequently, we're able to offer these very competitive prices to consumers."

Arris said it will stand by the commitment to deliver the Moxi all in, with no monthly or lifetime DVR service fees. Moxi also has no in-menu advertisements.

The Moxi HD DVR includes an advanced, easy-to-navigate menu system, with up to 75 hours of HD recording space (300 hours) at standard definition, expandable to 6.5TB for up to 1,000 hours of HD recording with an external eSATA drive.

The boxes also provide access to many Internet services, including Rhapsody and Flickr, and online video from Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube via DLNA server software such as PlayOn (currently provided at no charge) running on their PC .

The DVR enables multi-room viewing with attached Moxi Mate units and has the ability to record three channels simultaneously while watching a fourth recorded program on the three-tuner version of the Moxi HD DVR

Arris will be providing later this month additional software upgrades to Moxi devices to include new search and record option menus. These updates will let users specify preferred record settings that can be applied to any new recorded TV shows or TV series.

The new menu structure delivers easier access and better visibility related to the DVR function of the Moxi HD DVR, such as available hard drive space and other Moxi HD DVR related recording and scheduling functions.

Taking advantage of Arris' e-tail infrastructure, the company is also introducing payment via major credit card instead of the PayPal option previously offered. The new Moxi pricing and bundle options are available now at


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