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Archos Slates Q3 Android PMP Phone

Archos will adopt Google’s Android operating system for use in a touch-screen-equipped portable media player (PMP) that will incorporate GSM/HSPA (high-speed packet access) cellular technology to place wireless calls, browse the Web and retrieve email.

Archos plans third-quarter shipments, but it didn’t say when or if the device would be sold in the U.S.

Although the new device will combine PMP and smartphone, Archos uses the term Internet media tablet (IMT) to describe it and other touchscreen-equipped, Wi-Fi-enabled handheld devices launched last year. All provide screens of 5 inches and larger, PC-like processing speed and a more PC-like Web-browsing experience, the company explained.

Last year, the company launched its first cellular-equipped handheld device, the Archos 5G with GSM/HSDPA and Wi-Fi for wireless Web browsing and email but not for voice calls. It did not ship in the U.S., a spokesman said.

The new 10mm-thin device will feature 5-inch touchscreen, full-width Web-page viewing, options for storage up to 500GB, Adobe Flash and Flash Video support, HD-DVR capabilities, and HSPA technology delivering theoretical download speeds up to 7.2Mbps.