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Archos Readies Game-Focused Tablet

Denver – Archos has developed an Android 4.0 tablet equipped with physical gaming controls to target gamers.

 The 7-inch GamePad, due in October, serves as a full-fledged Android tablet with full access to apps in the Google Play store, but it’s optimized for game play with the addition of physical game controls.

Android 4.0 supports tablets with physical controllers, and some major game developers have already made their apps compatible with physical controls, such as those on the GamePad and with connected accessory controllers, the company said. To work with games designed without physical controls in mind, the GamePad features Archos–developed mapping and game-recognition software. That software enables a game’s virtual controls to be mapped to the GamePad’s physical control buttons, the company said.

The GamePad features dual-core 1.5GHz processor and Mali 400mp quad-core GPU.

Pricing in Europe is less than 150 euros. U.S. pricing wasn’t available.