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Archos Adding Home Automation, Smart Watches, Connected Health Devices

Denver – Tablet supplier Arcos will go to International CES with its first tablet- and smartphone-controlled home-automation system, its first smart watches, first fitness band and a host of connected fitness-related devices.

Pricing and ship dates were unavailable.

The home-automation and monitoring system includes wireless monitors and sensors equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy technology. Products include mini video cameras, motion sensors and smart plugs to control lights.

The system can be configured and monitored via Android and iOS mobile devices running an Archos Smart Home app or from the company’s new 7-inch Wi-Fi-equipped Smart Home tablet. From the mobile devices, users will be able to program actions, such as turning on a light and recording video when a motion sensor is activated.

The home-monitoring selection will also include a weather station that provides indoor and outdoor information, including CO2 levels, humidity, temperature, atmospheric pressure and noise levels. It can be monitored from a Weather Station app, which will display home and national weather information. It will also record, track and graph all data for historic comparison and analysis.

In smart watches, the company will unveil a selection of models starting at less than $50. They will work with iOS and Android mobile devices. Additional details were unavailable.

For the fitness market, the company will launch its Connected Scale, Activity Tracker, and Blood Pressure Monitor. They will deliver data wirelessly via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to the company’s Connected Self App running on smartphones and tablets. The app will display key health metrics, display graphs to track activity over time, and enable up to eight users to set goals. The devices will also connect wirelessly with a fitness band to display health-related information.

The Connected Scale will recognize four users, measure body shape based on mass and height, and track body fat mass. The Activity Tracker will monitor daily footsteps and calories burned. It will automatically display time when synchronized with a smartphone. Its USB-rechargeable battery will last up to seven days.

The Blood Pressure Monitor comes with memory to store 40 different measurements. It also displays heart beat information and comes with irregular heartbeat detector.