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APTX Intros Apt-X Lossless Codec

– APTX is introducing Apt-X Lossless, its scalable, lossless audio coding scheme,
here at International CES. It will be exhibiting in the LVCC South Hall 1,
booth 20650.

According to the company, the technology “significantly outperforms
conventional lossless audio coding schemes in use-scenarios that depend upon
the efficient and reliable transmission of high-quality, multiple-channel audio
over wireless networks.”

In laboratory testing, the company found Apt-X Lossless offered a
significant gain in compression ratio (up to 10 percent more data reduction)
when compared with competing lossless audio codecs.

Dr. David Trainor, chief technology officer of APTX, said, “This
new Apt-X Lossless audio compression scheme is the first of a new breed of
scalable and adaptive audio compression solutions being developed by APTX that
have the potential to elevate the quality of multichannel audio transmitted
over wireless networks and mitigate many of the deployment issues traditionally
associated with lossless audio coding in these environments. The superior
performance of Apt-X Lossless under real-world system conditions that fluctuate
widely over time – available processor power, remaining battery energy,
variable channel bandwidth, changing radio propagation conditions, and other
factors – has direct implications for the user experience.  This is an especially important consideration
in the design of wireless-enabled multi-room audio systems for low-energy home

APTX says that from a system integration standpoint, Apt-X
Lossless is easy to port across multiple hardware and software platforms. The
company said the audio codec is implemented as C and C++ code, and has already
been verified on various processor architectures, including ARM, Texas Instruments C64xx, Intel x86 and others
to be announced.