Apptwee Bows Universal Remote App & Dongle For Apple Devices

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Sunnyvale, Calif. - Apptwee has released the RI universal remote control for iPad and iPhone.

The Apptwee RI device, which is priced at $19.99, along with the free app, turns an iPhone or iPad into a remote control that replaces "all other" IR controls, the company said.

The device, which is no larger than a U.S. quarter, plugs into the iPhone or iPad audio jack and can control a database of products currently at 225 popular brands, more than 72 device types, and 845 models of TVs, home entertainment, automation and lighting systems, computers, projectors and other IR-controlled devices.

The RI requires no batteries or charging, weighs a fraction of an ounce, fits in your pocket, can travel anywhere and is simple to use, Apptwee said.

If a call comes in on the iPhone, it can be answered via the speaker mode. Once the call is over, the RI resumes at the last-used remote control user interface, the company said.



for Apptwee's YouTube channel on how the RI operates.

The RI is compatible with any Apple iPhone or iPad device that supports OS version 4.2 or higher, including iPhone 3G, 3GS, and 4G, and the iPod Touch 2G and higher. It is currently available at and the RI app is downloadable for free from the Apple App Store.


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