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Apple’s Tablet Onslaught To Continue: IHS

New York – Hewlett-Packard’s failure in the tablet
market and other factors has led to IHS to upgrade its tablet shipment numbers
for Apple.

IHS has upwardly revised
Apple’s 2011 iPad shipments to 44.2 million units, up from the 43.7 million
predicted. Earlier this year, IHS had actually downgraded Apple’s shipments due
to iPad 2 production and supply problems, but this proved incorrect as the
market shifted with HP’s removal and the slower development of Android-based

Not only has IHS added to
its Apple totals, but it now expects greater growth in the category overall.
The company now believes 60 million tablets will ship this year, a 245 percent
increase over 2010’s 17.4 million units. In May, IHS was anticipating only 58.9
million units to ship.

IHS has also bumped up
its long-term forecast and expects Apple to ship 120.1 million units in
2015, up from the previous 97.9 million estimate.

If these figures hold
true, Apple will control 74 percent of the market for 2011 and will own at
least half the market through 2013, the company said. By 2015 its share is
expected to dip to 43.6 percent.

Unfortunately for Apple’s
competitors, all of this growth is coming at their expense and IHS has reduced
shipments for non-Apple devices.

 While HP’s initial share
in the tablet space was minuscule, IHS said it is indicative of other vendors that
face such challenges as lagging content development and apps when compared with

IHS expects 2012 to be rosy for Apple as well, when the iPad 3 is
expected to be released during the first quarter.